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How to Make Melon Masterpieces

For decades, women’s magazines have been showing pictures of carved melons that look like baskets or Jaws or fancy flower blossoms. I like to bring such arrangements to picnics but struggle with the craftsmanship. Let’s face it, you cannot cut into a watermelon rind with a pairing knife. Nor can you cut scallop shapes with your serrated bread knife.
So this is when you go down to your basement tote of Halloween goodies. You know, the one with the orange lid that lets you know it’s the Halloween one, wink, wink. In there you’ll find your pumpkin carving kit with little serrated knives that could kill a horse.
 I’ve found this kit more useful throughout the summer for my picnic pizazz!
Below is a pictorial how-to for making a carved melon lantern. Keep in mind you can use similar techniques to make a fancy serving bowl out of you melon rind.
Trace cookie cutter shapes onto your rind using the tracing tool from your pumpkin carving kit.
Cut out the shapes.
Slice off the bottom of the melon rind.
Use the pumpkin scooper to remove the yummie melon.
Reserve the melon in a separate bowl.
If you’re making a lantern, place a candle on your cookie cutter. Make a recess in the bottom of the rind so the cookie cutter handle fits snug into it, therefore it won’t slide around.
Light it up (or if you’re making a container, fill it with your melon).
Go for it – make them think you’re Edward Scissorhands.
 Psst…The other really great thing about bringing a carved melon to a party (besides showing off) is that you don’t have to worry about leaving behind a serving dish at the hostess’ house!

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