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How to Make Fabric Postcards

holiday fabric postcards no sewing just use fabric scraps, iron and heat bond for creative decorating ideas

A couple weeks ago (before Halloween) my husband was in a store and he came home to tell me about how the entire store was decked out for Christmas. “I walked past an inflated santa Clause and it started singing to me,” he said as we both laughed at the ridiculousness.

So later in the week when I got it in my head that I wanted to try out fabric postcards…Holiday ones…I didn’t want to be that blogger who skipped over fall and went straight to Christmas. But, in all fairness to fellow makers, we need some time to plan, create, perfect and distribute our creations. And that brings us to the week after Halloween when it is now socially acceptable to commence holiday crafting!

DIY Holiday card Ideas

I have to admit, the most fun I had with this project was pulling out my box of odds and ends, haberdashery and fabric scraps. Then I shopped for a couple supplies, which always includes some impulse purchases, which will be seen in a later post.


Fabric scraps – at least 5″ x 7″ for the base on the post cards

1/4 yard Heat N Bond – iron-on adhesive (sold by the yard)

1/3 yard Fusible Interfacing

Freezer paper

Fabric pen or permanent marker

Optional: buttons, mini pom poms, ribbon, hot glue gun

How to Appliqué Fabric

  1. DIY Christmas cards using fabric appliqueSearch the internet for free clip art for holiday images like a vintage sled, deer head silhouette and pick up truck.
  2. Print these out from your computer onto a sheet of freezer paper, cut to 8.5″ x 11.” Be sure to print on the side that isn’t shiny.
  3. Iron the fabric scraps to the Heat N Bond, with the right side of the fabric facing up.
  4. Iron the silhouette images on top of the fabric and cut them out.

DIY Fabric Postcards

how to make a fabric postcard

  1. Cut your base fabric (background fabric) to 5″ x 7″
  2. Fold over 1/2″ on each edge. Trim the folded corner so it doesn’t stick out
  3. TIP: use a 4″ x 6″ postcard as a guide when ironing.
  4. Cut 4″ x 6″ rectangles of interfacing
  5. Iron interfacing over the back, folded edges of the fabric

Holiday Cards Decorating Ideas

holiday cards decorating ideas

It’s important to get a solid seal between the fabric background and interfacing back, therefore any decorative details should be added last.

  1. Iron on the fabric appliqués you created in the first steps. Be sure to remove any paper backings.
  2. Glue on buttons for wheels and pom pom “ornaments” with a hot glue gun.
  3. Add in detailing with a fabric paint pen or permanent marker.
  4. Flip the post card over and add address lines and designate the stamp area. Note that if you are mailing this you will need more postage that a regular paper postcard.
  5. These are really fun to decorate your with! They look beautiful clipped to a string of Christmas lights or just some red and whiter baker’s twine.

no sew fabric postcards

How would you use fabric postcards?


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