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How to Make Braided Easter Eggs

 Braided Easter Egg Instructions – made from recycled water bottles and fabric scraps

Recycled water bottle braided egg
Assorted Fabric totaling approx. ½ yard
(small egg will require approx. 54” of braided fabric, 74” for the medium egg and 100” for the large egg. These measurements are just to give you an idea of length, be sure to wrap a tape measure around your egg templates and plan accordingly)
Glue Gun (Please note that a lower powered glue gun is preferable since the super guns will melt the packing tape and could effect the thin plastic from the 12oz water bottles.)
1 24oz plastic water bottle
2 12oz plastic water bottles
Large Plastic Easter Egg (approx 2.75” in height)
Iron (optional)
Sewing machine
Step 1: Gather fabric scraps from previous projects or crib sheets. For Easter, pastels mixed with bright Springtime colors work nicely.
Step 2: Cut fabric in strips. Cut 1- 1 ½ “ wide strips for the small egg and 3” wide strips for the medium and large eggs.
Step 3: (Optional) you may want to iron the edges folded in before running through the sewing machine. If not, just use straight pins.
Step 4: Run the fabric strip through the sewing machine to keep the raw edges concealed.
Step 5: Braid the fabric strips. I pinned mine to a curtain for resistance. A clothespin is helpful for holding the braid when you stop or just keeping it tight while you braid.
Step 6: Use plastic water bottles to make the base for the medium and large eggs.
For the medium egg, use the upper dome from two 12oz water bottles. The plastic is very thin so it’s easy to cut through with an X-Acto® blade.  Cut off the drinking spout and cover with a piece of packing tape or duct tape. Use tape to attach the two bottle tops at their wide end (middle of the egg base).
For the large egg, I used a 24oz Aquafina bottle. This is much harder to cut through. I used a bread knife. For this base, just remove the middle, straight part of the bottle and attach the upper dome part to the bottom using tape.
Step 7: Starting at the top of the eggs, coil the braids around the egg bases, using hot glue to adhere the braid to the bases.
Happy Easter!
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3 Responses to How to Make Braided Easter Eggs

  1. Charity April 17, 2014 at 9:39 pm #

    I just made these adorable eggs and they are so cute. I love filling up a decorative basket for the mantel with the help of my little crafting daughter. My only suggestion would be to stuff the plastic egg with Fiberfil to give a sturdier canvas to wrap the material around.

    • Eve April 18, 2014 at 9:11 am #

      Charity, I’m so glad you had fun making these. Thanks for the tip!!


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