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How to make a Popsicle Stick Canoe Craft

It’s fun to make a souvenir canoe to remember your time at summer camp or on vacation. To give it a scrapbook look, I like to add clippings from tour books, maps and travel brochures.

Supply List:

3 craft sticks
Wood glue or Quick Dry tacky glue
2 toothpicks
Colored paper
Elmer’s glue or double-sided tape
Crayons, markers, magazine clippings and/or paint

Step 1

Gently bend two of the craft sticks by working your way down the stick, pushing in with your thumbs. Decorate the two bent sticks. These are the sides of your canoe.

Step 2

Using wood glue or tacky glue, glue the ends of the canoe together. Then lay the third craft stick flat on the table, applying glue on each end. Place the canoe sides on top of the third stick to make the bottom of the canoe.

Step 3

Cut the paddles out of colored paper.

Step 4

Fold the paddle paper over the pointed end of the toothpicks and adhere with glue or double-sided tape.

Step 5

Crisscross the toothpicks about a half-inch from the toothpick end. Put a small dab of glue where they cross.

Step 6

Place the canoe between the crossed toothpicks. Let the toothpicks rest on the canoe and add a dab of glue to hold them in place.

Step 7 (optional)

Cut very short bits of cord, singe the ends and glue inside the canoe to make the seats.

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