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How to "Fool Proof" Your Flea Market Shopping

If you feel overwhelmed or disenchanted by flea markets, we ask you take another look. Consider it like a treasure hunt. And we’re going to call you Inspector Budget, because, after all, you’re there to find some cool stuff on the cheap.
Eve of Reduction is going to set you up with some savvy tips to get you on your way to scoring interesting “conversation pieces” for your home.
First, here’s what you should bring with you:
1. A list of specific things you need. It’s fun to stay explore, but you also want to stay on task. When you know specifically what you’re looking for, you’ll be better prepared to spot a good deal.
2. Measure twice, buy once. Always know the space you have to fit the item you’re looking for. Then bring a tape measure so you can find the perfect fit.
3. Bring a flashlight to check closely for imperfections or damage. This will keep you from purchasing junk or give you better leverage in negotiating a deal.
4. Bring a smile. Vendors appreciate customers who are polite and respectful. Believe us, charm can go a long way.
5. Small bills people! Don’t expect vendors to break a twenty at every purchase. Things run smoothly when you don’t have to rely on vendors for change.
6. Bring a sturdy tote, wagon, wheeled cart (I seriously have one of those old lady carts). Though some vendors will hold large items until you’re ready to leave, it can be a pain to retrace your steps to pick up your goods when you’re ready to leave.

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  1. free February 28, 2014 at 9:04 am #

    flea markets are FANTASTIC i love them,its one of the main reasons i travel, i feel a lot of people are put off by the name alone but its well worth the effort as there is some real unique items

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