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Guest Post: Examining the importance of recycling our plastic

You and I may have jumped up and down compacting the contents our recycling totes after yesterday’s festivities, but Allison Morris is here today sharing a very eye opening info graphic detailing the pitfalls of recycling in America. Here are some illustrations, facts and hard realities Allison has to share at such an opportune time when we’re with others, juggling plastic packaging like we’re in a game show money booth.

The post-holiday season is a great time to give a gift to the environment. While students and young people (ages 13-25) demand environmentally conscious products, the amount of plastic used in the U.S. is staggering. And as a whole, Americans aren’t doing great on recycling, either. Most cities have free recycling programs, and 80% of garbage thrown in landfills could be recycled. Only 28% of it actually is. When you’re sifting through the by-products of your holiday presents this year, spear-head a system so that you’re sure it all gets in the “green” truck.

The following graphic is Attributed to  Plastic Infographic

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