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Guest Post: Before and After Cane Barrel Chairs

Today’s guest post is from Jen Stockman, a furniture restorer whose work I’ve been watching for a while now (not because I’m a stalker, but because they’re that good). Her style is exquisite and without fail she pulls together color and patterns that take furniture fashion to the next level. I am so happy to have Jen, and her design partner Nicki Tsouflidis-Minasidis sharing their latest project with Eve of Reduction!

These beautiful cane barrel chairs were found at an estate sale in Snyder, NY. Although, the original wood/ stain was in perfect condition, Nicki & I felt that the chairs needed to be brightened up a bit.  We were lucky the caning on both chairs were in such flawless condition.  We decided it needed a twist so we opted for more unconventional paint option and went Metallic!

We brushed the chairs with an antique white base and applied a faux finish technique in a brushed nickel. We played with several techniques until the antique look was achieved. The chairs came out both sleek & sophisticated!  We just love them!


(These chairs sold in one hour!)

Nicki Tsouflidis-Minasidis and Jen Stockman

We have been refurbishing furniture for years as a hobby.  The furniture allows us to stay at home and be with our kids while still exercising our creativity. Nicki and I say it should be all about fun!  We really do have so much fun creating pieces and even more fun knowing how much our customers like our work. It puts a smile on our faces knowing that an old piece of furniture has been transformed! We now have a steady stream of business, mainly from Facebook posts, and so the evolution of our hobby continues to grow.
All of our pieces are very reasonably priced, having ranged from $125-$450.

Thank you Jen for sharing this stunning chair project.
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3 Responses to Guest Post: Before and After Cane Barrel Chairs

  1. Tania January 2, 2017 at 2:27 am #


    I have been searching and searching for a chair like the ones featured in “Before and After Cane Barrel Chairs”. I have one already and have been looking for a over a year for a match.

    Would you happen to know if the person who bought these chairs would be willing to sell or where I may find one??

    Thank you very much!

    • Eve January 2, 2017 at 9:08 am #

      These chairs have already been sold.
      I know how hard it is to find a match! If anyone responds to this post with a cane chair like these to sell, I will connect you.

  2. rahmat February 28, 2017 at 10:50 am #

    we are furniture manufacturer from indonesia we can produce that stuff…for more information check our company website

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