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Guest Blogger: Washable Car Mats

It’s getting to that time of year when our cars get really dirty from wet leaves, snow and slush, yet we don’t have the nice weather to do a full interior clean. Guest blogger, Jeanette Ballou has solved that problem for us by swapping out traditional rubber car mats with rubber backed bathroom mats.

Hi, I’m Jeanette Ballou with a quick tip to simplify your car cleaning. My father actually came up with this idea a while back when my mother was getting rid of a an old bath mat. They’re rubber backed, which keeps liquid dirt from seeping through to your car floor. My car has a light tan interior so I went with a dark brown throw rug which camouflages the stains. Then when it’s time for cleaning I throw it in the washing machine. I also have a multicolored rug (not waterproof) that I have spread across my trunk. This guards against general wear and grocery mishaps.
It’s easy to use an old blanket that’s outlived it’s indoor appeal. I bought my brown bath mat at Big Lots for $10.
If you’re thinking of making a throw blanket to use in your truck here’s some fun inspiration we found! (And I’m kind of dying to make one, or all, of them)
Rope Swirl Tapestries by Free People

Latch Hook Jersey Rug from The Crafty Woman

Make Your Own Braided Rug from A Beautiful Mess

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