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Furniture Refresh: Fashion inspired patio chairs

These metal chairs came straight from the curb, as pictured on the left. I’ll admit, they’re an eye sore, but they are functional…and dare I say comfortable. They’re the kind with a little bounce in them. They let your weight command the recline. So why let some rust and drab colors deter them from use?

Spring is here and so are those bright fashions. Have you seen the ads? You can’t flip a page without hot hues catching your eye. I think it’s fabulous. So fabulous, in fact, I want my furniture to feel the same vibrancy.

Lucky for me…and, let’s say, you, the spray paint companies feel the same way. Their color options have definitely kept up with the times. (Hand painting metal chairs would not achieve the same smooth coverage as spray paint, which is why I recommend spray paint for metal items.) Bring on the luscious lavender and citrus celery! If the spring bulbs haven’t shot up yet, let your patio furniture lead the color parade. The hunter greens and barn reds can go depress someone else’s backyard; I want mouthwatering color.

Here’s to rejuvenating color! And, to the great weather ahead that will further prompt such inspiring patio improvement projects.

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