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Functional Art: The Umbrella Stand

Eve of Reduction
Best gift idea ever!

I recently came to admit that I am obsessed with functional art. My practical side and artistic whimsy seem to always come together right there where function meets beauty.

One particular aspect of functional art that I’m attracted to is umbrella vases. I could go on for paragraphs on how they’re a great gift idea. But it really just boils down to they are practical and beautiful.

So this brings me to yesterday afternoon when I walked up to my porch and found someone had dropped off a really cute, vintage golf bag. Who was this person – I have no idea. Could they possibly have had the wrong house and someone in my neighborhood is wondering where their little plaid golf bag is?  Yes, that’s entirely possible. And what did I do about it? I repurposed it into an umbrella vase of course!

Here is the vintage golf bag as it sat on my porch. Thank you!
Here is my revised front hall, complete with whimsy plaid golf bag repurposed into an umbrella vase.

And since I love umbrella vases (clearly), here are some more inspiration I found around the web:

 I really want to make that rolled up magazine umbrella vase! How about you?

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