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Frugal Fall Fun

frugal fall activities from Eve of Reduction | save money and have some serious family fun!

At a time when you’re thinking about holiday expenses – gifts, travel, did I mention gifts? – you don’t want to be dishing out big bucks.

Well, you’re in luck. The Fall season is the best time to exercise your frugalness.  Below are fun ideas for budget friendly family fun.

It’s harvest time

  • If you’re not a regular at your local farmers market, now is the time to check it out. Harvest time means abundance. Many cities across the US have experienced their first frost. This means crops need to be picked and sold in short order. My family came home from the market last weekend with a bag of peppers and a bag of potatoes for only a few dollars each.
  • Don’t take more than you can eat, just freeze what you don’t use. Just look into the best way to do it. For instance, my boys love hash – fried shredded potatoes. To freeze potatoes for hash, I simply shred, place in boiling water for 3 minutes, drain, pat dry and freeze. When it’s time to eat, half the work is already done!
  • If you like to can, now is an opportune time to make batches of salsa and other crowd-pleasers that you can give as gifts in the coming months, or serve to guests at holiday parties.

The weather is still enjoyable 

  • Take a ride – in the car or on a bike – to view the beautiful fall foliage. Take in the smells.
  • It’s also a great time for self guided tour. Pick up a book at the library on local architecture or the history of a local cemetery. Kids who may be frightened by a haunted house, can feel like they’re exploring without the spooky side-show and the hefty ticket price.
  • Get together with friends or neighbors. Get out an play touch football or walk to a neighbors for a get-together before the chaos of the holidays gobbles up your free time.

Get Crafty on Cool, Cozy Days

  • With all the awesome nature around us, Fall is a fun time to gather acorns, long pine needles and pine cones for nature crafts. Kids can paint them, add googly eyes and glitter.

Halloween fairy garden ideas from Eve of Reduction

  • If you had a fairy garden over the summer, give it some updates with a witch fairy made from a chopstick, black fabric and a coiled, black pipe cleaner hat. Add some Chinese lanterns or painted acorns to make fairy-sized pumpkins.
  • Make your own Halloween costume. There’s nothing like a last-minute costume challenge to get your creative, frugal juices flowing! Here’s some inspiration to help you out.

I hope you’ve been inspired to save money, get out, and have fun. Fall can be the best time of the year – from all the great foods, Halloween parties and comfortable weather. So get out your favorite scarf, craft supplies and recipe books and make the most of all that Fall has to offer, without spending a lot of money.

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  1. Jess @ Best Credit Cards Canada December 8, 2015 at 9:14 pm #

    We have been freezing lots of fresh vegetables this year. It’s such a great way to preserve what we can’t get to. And I know I’ll appreciate it come the middle of winter. It’s amazing how those prices will sky rocket when something is out of season. Cost savings and much better tasting 🙂

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