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Eco Alternative to Plastic Easter Eggs

I was just at the grocery store looking for Jelly Bellies to put in my kids’ Easter Baskets. Holy cow, I did not realize it cost $5 for a little box.

So, onward I moved into the bulk section where they were 1/2 the price per pound. But what to do about a container for them? I personally think it’s annoying to dig through basket grass to find each jelly bean.

The obvious choice would be those plastic eggs that are super cheap – and that will never biodegrade and like I said are cheap so it’s not like you’re going to decorate with them. I didn’t buy them, of course. I thought I’d rummage through my Easter decorations to see if I had any – they are the kind of thing that accumulates year after year. And hark, I did have a couple, but I needed a couple more.
If you press inward a semi-circle on each side of the ends, they will stay closed. Once I got them closed, I noticed that one end looked like bunny ears and the other end looked like legs. This was fantastically clever and fun! So I got out some googly eyes, pipe cleaners, a button and some ribbon and dolled it up.Then my eureka moment hit when I came up to my office and visited my craft supplies.
I decided to make containers out of my toilet paper tubes (I love how the British call them loo tubes).

Don’t forget to add a pompom or coiled pipe cleaner for the tail!

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