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DIY Holiday Faux Stained Glass Window

Holiday faux stained glass windowThere was an old desktop computer in our basement that we recently got motivated to recycle. Before recycling it, I wondered if there were any parts of the computer tower that I could upcycle. Good news…there were. One such piece was the side of the computer tower that was just a clear plastic panel. It was cool because you could see into the inner workings of the computer. Now, it’s cool because I repurposed it.

The plastic side is framed in brushed steel and actually has a loop piece on top so you can hang it – not that you’re going to hang your computer tower?? Anyway it worked out well for upcycling into a faux stained glass window.

Now, if you are not recycling an old computer, this project will work with a regular picture frame or old window sash.

Additional Supplies for creating a DIY Stained Glass Window

Liquid lead (this looks like squeeze paint)

Recycled tissue paper

Mod Podge

Christmas ornament stained glass

Here is a video I created for eHow on how to do DIY faux stained glass. It’s truly one of my favorite projects!

How to Decorate Recycled Window Frames —powered by
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