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DIY furniture Project Ideas and Approaches

Furniture is my life. Literally, I garbage picked roadside “treasures” for seven years and took my house from empty to full and beautiful. That said, when it comes to making furniture unique, drop-dead gorgeous or upcycled, I’ve done it all. But I”l admit when I look at a challenge, I take at least a day to just think on it. What are its assets? What do I want to minimize?

Here are my top approaches:
1. Paint – often adding a decorative stamp, stencil or freehand design

2. Strip – take it all off, knowing the wood underneath is worth it. To determine quality, look at the construction of drawers and joints. Is it heavy? Any evidence of wood grain?

3. Mod Podge – today’s furniture is trending toward patterns. Lay on some funky fabric or lush paper and you are on a guaranteed route to va-voom!

4. Decorative Duct tape – if fabric or paper sounds too tricky, opt for Duct Tape. They have fabulous patterns and the application couldn’t be easier – just unroll and adhere.

5. Cover with cushioned fabric – I garbage picked a coffee table with a warped top so I went with it. I covered it with $22 worth of elegant fabric, quilt batting and trim. 

6. Upcycle – furniture may be damaged or incomplete and therefore needs to be re-thought. Flip it around, sideways, upside-down and you may just realize your ironing board would make a fun tree swing and your baby changing table could be used as your child’s desk. Imagination is everything!

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I’m Cristin Frank (AKA Eve). I love all things frugal and crafty. My mindset is always on upcycling, repurposing, reducing waste and saving money – and Eve of Reduction is my roadmap. You might also want to check out my book, "Living Simple, Free & Happy."

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