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DIY Foil Crafts

DIY wine glass charms made with embossed foil tape, wire and beads

Last week my son and I were taking a walk in the neighborhood and came upon a garbage can full of “goodies.” Clearly someone had cleared out their basement clutter in the hopes of someone helping themselves to it.

We found Christmas decorations, Wii games, DVDs, and random tools. We each took home something we wanted.

My son garbage picked an electric train set (N scale) which he set up, photographed and sold on Craigslist for $35 within 2 days. I’d say he really scored.

I chose a roll of aluminum foil tape (shiny object) which is typically used for the pipes on your clothes dryer.

My son got money and I got a challenge. I wanted to come up with a unique craft idea using this foil tape. Afterall it’s really pliable and sticky.

I dug through some small boxes that I have different types of craft supplies. One box in particular is for jewelry making, which I rarely do. However, in there I had 2 Darice® Embossing folders that I’d never used. There is some sort of machine that you’re supposed to use them with – I don’t have the machine and therefore I have not used them.

BUT, this foil tape doesn’t need the force of a machine to emboss it so I gave it a try.



With the curved metal handle of my scissors I ran over the embossing folder, with a section of foil tape inside. Success.

So I thought I’d make some DIY wine glass charms!

Wine Wednesday Party

A month ago I partnered with my friend down the street to start a women’s wine Wednesday in my neighborhood. Each week (or as the group is available) we meet at a different woman’s house for a little wine gathering. Everyone brings their own wine and the hostess provides snacks. Pretty simple.

women at play sign for Women's wine wednesday neighborhood gathering

Now that the weather is nice, it’s the perfect time to socialize, get some eco-therapy (we gather in the backyard) and meet new people. All of the women that come have kids who either currently attend or have gone to the local public schools, so we have that in common. Our homes were all built around the same time (early 70s),  so we talk about things like painting and removing paneling. And there are always diets, recipes, exercise, jewelry and DIY projects to discuss.

Now that brings me to my little wine glass project – charms!

How to Make DIY Wine Glass Charms

Here are the craft supplies you will need:

Foil tape

Darice Embossing folder


Steel wire – 22 gauge

Needle nose pliers


WINE CHARM craft supplies

1. Remove the backing on the aluminum tape and fold it over on itself so it is foil on both sides.

2. Insert the double sided foil into the embossing folder and run a blunt object over the top to emboss the foil.

3. Cut the embossed foil to your desired shape and punch a small hole (so you can thread the wire loop through)

4. Make the wire loop for the wine glass marker:

  • Wrap the steel wire around a small, round object. I used a fat magic marker
  • Wrap the wire so that it overlaps the circle by 1 cm.
  • Clip the wire. Since it’s only 22 gauge, I was able to use scissors. No wire clippers needed.
  • Use needle nose pliers to bend one wire end into a tiny loop
  • Bend the opposite wire end into a hook

the tiny loop and hook on the ends of the wire loop can be seen in the shadow

5. Thread the beads and foil charm onto the wire loop

6. Attach to your favorite wine glasses!

DIY foil embossed wine glass charms

Next I’m going to do some experimenting with embossing over hot glue, because in case you didn’t know my answer to everything is hot glue and whipped cream. Also, I just added a board to my Pinterest account called Wine Lover. There are some great pins so be sure to check it out and follow!

What crafts have you done with foil tape?

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  1. Jess @ Best Credit Cards Canada July 5, 2015 at 7:28 pm #

    Wow, these are so pretty. I am super impressed. And that’s amazing that you’re son sold the train set on craigslist for $35. He must have been thrilled! Recycling and making money…awesome 🙂

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