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DIY Decorating: Silver Branches with Fabric Yo Yos

Like me, you may be looking for an inexpensive (or free) way to bring more holiday decorations to your home. Well lately I’ve been seeing painted branches used to add a pop of color and an interesting touch of nature to home decor.
To make it even more interesting I wanted to incorporate fabric yo yos to the DIY decorating inspiration.
Here’s how:

1. Pick up branches around your property. I used a mix of maple branches, which are thicker and more rigid, and combined the composition with rose of sharon branches which flow outward and bend in smooth curves.

2. Lay out your branches on cardboard and spray paint them. Be sure to wear a mask and gloves and spray paint in a well ventilated space if you cannot go outside.

After about 10 minutes, revisit your branches. If they’re dry, flip them over and spray paint the other side.

3. How to sew a fabric yo yo: While your spray paint is drying, you can start on your fabric yo yos.
a. Cut circles out of seasonal fabric. Use something that is about 4″ in diameter as your circle template. I used a coaster.
Cut as many as you feel will give a balanced look on your branches. I cut 6.

b. Hem the edges of the circles with a loose stitch. Simply fold over the circle edges and quick stitch them.

c. When you sew all the way around the fabric circle, pull the ends of your thread like you’re closing a drawstring bag. This will pinch the circle closed into a flower-looking ball.
Knot the thread ends and cut the excess thread.

4. Make a double slit in the back of the fabric yo yo using an X-Acto blade. The slits need to be large enough to slip over the painted branches.

5. Arrange fabric yo yos onto the branches so they look visually balanced.

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  1. Labdal October 23, 2013 at 1:52 am #

    This idea makes a beautiful decoration for any home. I can see where this will look wonderful beside my fireplace at Christmas time. Thanks for the post.
    Labdal recently posted…Top Studio Apartments for Most of Their Space in ApartmentMy Profile

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