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DIY Decorating for St. Patrick’s Day: Penny Jar Pot O’ Gold

Penny Jar Pot O’ Gold

Recycled Jar
Gold Ribbon
Cereal Box
Small plate
Green Beads or Dried Split Peas

1. Fill a small recyced jar with pennies. (If you have any Canadian Loonies, these look good, too.)
2. Cut a strip of chipboard from a cereal box. Cover the strip with gold ribbon. This will be the handle of your pot. Stick the ends down into the jar so the coins hold it in place.
3. Wrap a strip of gold ribbon around the mouth of the jar and affix with a safety pin in the back.
4. Place the Pot o’ Gold on a small plate and surround it with green beads or dried split peas.

TIP: this is a great opportunity to enlist the help of little fingers to separate the green beads from the rest!

5. Now, encourage others to add a penny and make a wish!

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