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DIY Decorating: Braided Easter Chick Craft

Each year I like to add one or two new holiday decorations, and this Easter I’m adding chicks! You may remember last Easter I made braided Easter eggs using recycled water bottles and fabric scraps. I still love that one!

For the braided Easter egg project I actually sewed clean edges on my strips of fabric. For the braided chick project we’re going to go easy on fussing (AKA no sewing) because the rogue threads give it a bit of a fuzziness like a baby chick.
3 Fabric strips about 6 feet long each
Plastic egg (reuse one you kept from last Easter)
1 Brown, Tan or Orange pipe cleaner
Hot glue gun
Safety pin
Googly eyes

For starters, plug in your hot glue gun. While it’s heating up, use your safety pin to pin your 3 fabric strips together at one end. Start braiding.

I used two of these, which totaled about 6ft of braid.

Your hot glue should be ready to glue the pipe cleaner, at its center point to the under-belly of the plastic egg. Next shape the pipe cleaner ends into the chicks legs so that it can stand on them.

Rotate the egg to the pointier end. This is where you’re going to start to glue the braid. The trick is to use one strand from the loose end of the braid to stick out to form the beak. You can always sculpt it with your scissors when you’re done.

Then continue to apply hot glue as you rotate the braid in a radial fashion around the egg.

When you have covered the plastic egg with the braid, leave about an inch of the unbraided fabric strips sticking out as the tail. Add a dab of glue right above where the tail fabric is sticking out and press the fabric into it so the tail sticks up straight. Again, use your scissors to sculpt the tail “feathers.”

Don’t forget to finish off with googly eyes!

Since I had the fabric out and had chicks on the mind, I created another chick-themed Easter craft project using fabric yo-yos. If you don’t know how to make them, visit my post on painted branches with fabric yo-yos.

For this craft you’ll need a board to work on since it’s a 2-D craft, fabric scraps, orange paint, hot glue and googly eyes.

Forward facing chicks
First glue down the tail feathers (AKA small bits of fabric fanned out). Then overlap the fabric yo-yo. They’re also called fabric pom poms. Where the yo-yo is gathered in the center, insert a triangle of fabric or gros grain ribbon for the beak. Add a dab of hot glue. Above the beak glue on the googly eyes. Then paint in the legs.

Rear facing chick
First glue down the fabric yo-yo. Where the yo-yo is gathered in the center, insert the tail feather fabric bits. Add a dab of hot glue to hold it in the hole and a bit above so they point upward. Then paint in the legs. Remember to invert the triangular foot.

Happy crafting in this blessed Lenten season!

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