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Desk Refinishing Project – with upcycle/repurpose

When I really paid attention, I noticed I had desks all over my house. Two in the office, one in each of the kid’s rooms, the living room, basement – even the shed has a desk full of tools. Basically what I’m say is desks are a great item to refinish and use around your house.

Years ago my husband rescued the below desk from a landfill. We made it beautiful, spending only $3 for the drawer handle.

The furniture transformation involved 4 steps:
1. Stain it (with stain we already had).

2. Paint the inside of the drawer. I know that it is unnecessary but it really does help to make it thoroughly beautiful.

3. Add nice hardware. Nothing says this is old and outdated like a big, junky drawer handle. A few bucks can make a big difference.

4. Add a decorative detail. As you can see this desk is dreadfully boring. There is NOTHING going on here. So we got creative. I had garbage picked a delicately carved three-tier wall shelf that was damaged. It was one of those things that you have to take because there is something to be appreciated about it, but at the same time, you’re not sure what you can do with it. Then you find a match.
The image below demonstrates how I repurposed the wall unit to add visual interest to my desk.

If you have the space in your home, it’s great to keep useful pieces that can add just the right finishing touch on another piece.

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