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Create The Open Closet: repurpose your bi-fold closet doors

We removed the doors to my son’s closet to open up extra play space

Meet the new closet trend: open displays of possessions, making them visible and accessible. Closet space is becoming room space and dressing areas are interacting with wardrobe storage. Same can be said of play areas and toy storage.
But doesn’t this put on the pressure to keep things neat? Yes it does. And I can’t say I mind. The flip side is that when you’re stuff is really symmetrical, organized – even color coded, don’t you just want to be in that space? I certainly do. I could look at a Mondrian-like closets all day.

Here are a few tips to getting your closets ready for display:

1. Get matching hangers (guilty: I have yet to do this)
2. Really comb out all the clothes, accessories and extras (like books and overflowing supplies) and donate them.
3. If your closet is deep, clear out floor space so that you feel like you can actually enter the closet space.
4. Visually balance your stuff. Don’t think about white space as much as even lines.

Not only did we remove the doors off all of our bedroom closets, I also took the doors off the armoire I use in my office as a crafting space. The doors were obstructive. Plain and simple.

Armoire used for crafting – doors removed for easy access.

Now, what to do with all these doors, because you know I didn’t just get rid of them!
Our basement is divided into three sections: my husband’s band room; my archery range; and storage.
We had several yards of canvas dividing the band room and the archery range. This worked effectively but I’d rather be using that canvas for sewing projects (Update: I used this canvas to reupholster my couch) and the barrier between the space was, well, flimsy. Tall wooden doors are way better!

Repurposed bi-fold doors removed from closets, divide the archery range…
…from the band room.


How do you feel about an open closet?

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