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Crafts with Sea Glass

crafts using sea glass

Some of my best memories from this Summer and early Fall are sea glass hunting with my two sons. We got up early, stopped for hot chocolate with “mile high” whipped cream on our first outing – even though it was August. Another time after a dismal loot on the beach we detoured and spontaneously went to an amusement park.

After that the kids went back to school and they thought their beach glass hunting days were over until my sister-in-law stopped over a couple weekends ago and said she found a new sea glass beach we had to explore.  The kids were over the moon with excitement. I was pretty relieved, too because there had been great sadness and lamenting about the best times being behind them – really how can you beat piles of whipped cream and roller coasters? Actually I failed to mention we were almost the only people at the amusement park. It was like we were celebrities, so you can kind of see how that’s hard to beat!

So for our last trip to the beach we had no real expectations of blow-your-mind-fun until…we won the lottery.

I am not even making this up. There was a bit of a drive to the Lake Ontario beach so my sister-in-law bought a Bingo NY State lottery ticket while she filled up her tank. The sheet had 8 games so we each claimed 2 Bingo boards. As we played, it came down to the last scratch-off ball. Two boards won a total of $30. And even though that was only enough to buy us lunch, I just kept laughing and telling myself, “we won the lottery!”

Two weeks later, I feel like I won the creative lottery.

I have made so many crafts with my sea glass that I had to share my latest!

 SEA Glass DIY

The most fun you can have with sea glass is the hunt. When that glistening piece of glass washes up in a wave or reveals itself in the sand, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty thrilling.

The second most thrilling part about sea glass is making crafts and jewelry with it.

And if you want to get the kids involved, just add fine-point markers!

Halloween Decorations Made with Sea Glass

sea glass craft ideas

One thing I have is an abundance of white sea glass. And the really good news is that there is so much you can do with white.

When I sat down to make a halloween craft with my white sea glass, the first things that came to mind were mummies and skull heads.

Then my niece (age 5) and nephew (age 70 showed up at my house and we had a little brainstorm session.

kids craft ideas with sea glass

Halloween Ideas for What to Make with White Sea Glass

  • Mummy
  • Skull head
  • Ghost
  • Spider web
  • Haunted House
  • Candy Corn (color the yellow and orange)
  • Bat
  • White owl
  • Gravestone

While kids can have fun drawing designs on beach glass, moms can have fun making them into wall decor with Mod Podge, picture frames, fabric scraps, ribbon and glue!

fiskars fabric crafts for making Halloween decorations with Mod Podge, fabric scraps and sea glass from Eve of Redcution

  1. Select frames and cut fabric scraps to fit. Cut a hole in the center for the sea glass art to be featured.
  2. Mod Podge fabric onto a stiff background. Illustration board works well.
  3. Paint photo frames if need be.
  4. Cover the cut edges of the inner hole with ribbon and glue.
  5. Glue sea glass decoration in the center and let dry over night.

Mod Podge Halloween DIY

sea glass craft idea halloween

Can you think of any more designs that can be used to make sea glass art for Halloween?

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