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Fun crafts and activities for winter

Black Friday Online + Giveaway

For years my mother and I have been going shopping together on Black Friday. It was one of those traditions that fed our mutual love of saving money, exciting shopping discoveries and the promise of a meal that didn’t include turkey. This tradition dates back to when I was in high school and my youngest […]

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How to Make Fabric Postcards

A couple weeks ago (before Halloween) my husband was in a store and he came home to tell me about how the entire store was decked out for Christmas. “I walked past an inflated santa Clause and it started singing to me,” he said as we both laughed at the ridiculousness. So later in the […]

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How to Salvage Gifts from an Ex

In the spirit of love and Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about ex-girlfriends and boyfriends. No, not really. More like let’s get rid of them so we can keep the nice gifts they gave us – guilt-free. On my husband’s dresser he keeps a beautiful box and in it is a beautiful watch that he never […]

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How to Stain Eggs with Coffee

Who’s ready for the Superbowl? Or maybe just the commercials and party food? The latter sounds more like me, how about you? In thinking about being part of the 184 million Americans watching the game this weekend, I wanted to add some crafty flair to the Superbowl fare. Since it’s a given that there will be […]

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Repurposed Old Window Ideas

Ahh, behold, the first project of 2015. I’m slightly obsessed with old windows; guilty as charged. This one I got from my friend’s fixer-upper in downtown Buffalo, NY. The house was built in 1900. I’m pretty sure it’s the oldest lead glass window I’ve ever had the pleasure of upcycling. But, I’m not going to […]

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9 Steps to Cleaning House After The Holidays

Holidays have always been a source of excitement, relaxed atmosphere, good times with the family and relatives who, if it wasn’t a holiday, you may not have had the chance to see. Unfortunately after the happy and care-free times come to an end, you have to go back to the normal daily routine and now you […]

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