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How to Make Fabric Postcards

A couple weeks ago (before Halloween) my husband was in a store and he came home to tell me about how the entire store was decked out for Christmas. “I walked past an inflated santa Clause and it started singing to me,” he said as we both laughed at the ridiculousness. So later in the […]

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Crafting with Leather Scraps

Yesterday I came across these really cool bags made from leather scraps. Just like the leather scraps I craft with, these bags were made from factory scraps. If you don’t have access to scraps, you can recycle leather from old gloves (even baseball gloves), belts, wallets, boots and leather jackets. I have upcycled old clothes […]

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DIY No Tie Sneakers

One of my motherly pet peeves is sloppy, untied shoes. It seemed whenever I am out with my boys I’m nagging them to re-tie their sneakers, to which they complained that they won’t stay tied. Double knots are the usual go-to but that can lead to a mess of knots. Then I’m spending 20 minutes […]

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DIY Reusable Pennant Banner

Who’s excited about the winter Olympics? Whether or not you like skiing and hockey or not, the Olympics are truly magical. 89 countries have come together in Russia to strut their talents. This is a huge culmination of training and skill that the world shares in together. When you think of what we have in […]

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