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Black Friday Online + Giveaway

For years my mother and I have been going shopping together on Black Friday. It was one of those traditions that fed our mutual love of saving money, exciting shopping discoveries and the promise of a meal that didn’t include turkey. This tradition dates back to when I was in high school and my youngest […]

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Recycling Plastic and Waste Management Trends

Hi Reduction Rebels! Today I have a guest post from Erich Lawson with some interesting ideas for reducing plastic pollution.  The consequences of excessive waste generation have started showing, with different areas losing their soil potential. Rivers, seas, and oceans are also getting contaminated with the amount of waste being dumped into these water bodies. […]

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Upcycling in Mexico

About 13 years ago when I started upcycling furniture and repurposing household items, naturally I went looking for inspiration.  I even joined a MeetUp group for people interested in upcycling. At the time, the most relevant books showed upcycling examples from Mexico. Last month during Earth Week, I was in Mexico. One interesting thing I found […]

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Reduce Food Waste

  Happy Earth Week, Reduction Rebels! I’m proud to participate in NBCU’s Green is Universal campaign, #NoFoodWaste Last year around this time I headed a Garbage Reduction Challenge at my son’s schools where we challenged the students to reduce food waste. The week before the challenge we weighed the lunchtime garbage. Then the week of […]

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DIY All-Natural Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Today’s guest post will show you two ways to make your own hand sanitizer. If you’re anything like me (major germ phoebe) you keep this stuff close by. You probably also have some almost empty bottles that are ready to be replaced refilled. Yes! Reuse your old bottles to make DIY hand sanitizer! This is […]

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Saving Money on Air Conditioning

Staying cool is very expensive. According to statistics from the US Department of Energy, cooling represents up to 70% of the summer monthly home energy bill in homes in warmer climates. It is therefore necessary to seek sustainable ways to reduce your cooling energy consumption in the long term particularly if you are living in […]

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