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Recipe: Sweet & Sour Coleslaw with Stevia

I have always loved the oil and vinegar version of cole slaw, however, the typical recipe calls for 1/2 cup of sugar and Ramen noodles. Not a healthy alternative. As soon as you see Ramen noodles, you know it’s junk. So I took this classic recipe and substituted some ingredients to elevate its nutritional value, […]

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Upcycle: Repurposed Paint Can Hanging Flower Basket

Looking around my property this Spring, I was left with two unattended Shepard’s hooks for hanging baskets. What to do without spending money? Well, earlier in the season I noticed a bunch of paint cans in my parents garage. They were investigating how to get rid of them. I said, “Make hanging baskets!” Problem solved […]

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Simple Living: The Reduction Rebel Wedding

It’s certainly no shock that the big movie event of the summer is “The Big Wedding.” I’m sure it was in the works the moment William and Kate said their vows two years ago. But for the rest of us who are aware that we’re not celebrities or entitled to a royal-inspired wedding, here are […]

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How to Make a Sea Glass Mosaic

Sea glass happens to be one of the few things I collect. It has all the right attributes: free, colorful, small, and as of this project, useful. After I picked up a second-hand side table that needed some work, I decided my sea glass would do just the trick. That was a year ago. Then […]

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Sustainable Living: Rain Catcher

It rained yesterday. Hurray! I never thought I’d feel that way until this summer when I lost the battle to keep my lawn green.As the thunder rolled in we displaced everything in our recycling bin (luckily only 2 days worth of stuff) so we could use our recycling tote to catch the rain water. My […]

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How to Make Melon Masterpieces

For decades, women’s magazines have been showing pictures of carved melons that look like baskets or Jaws or fancy flower blossoms. I like to bring such arrangements to picnics but struggle with the craftsmanship. Let’s face it, you cannot cut into a watermelon rind with a pairing knife. Nor can you cut scallop shapes with […]

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Upcycle a Crib into DIY Hose Guides

I don’t know about you, but where I live we are barely getting any rain this summer. This means I’m out watering my garden pretty much every day. This also means I’m impatiently doing it as quickly as I can. On a few occasions I’ve yanked the hose around the corners of my landscaping causing […]

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