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DIY Patio Makeover on the Cheap

This year, I finally got fed up with dropping $100+ on a patio rug. Over the years we’ve tried several outdoor rugs that either turned green, frayed, or just crapped out. The most we ever got from a rug was two summers. So I went looking for alternatives to patio rugs. Alternatives to Patio Rugs […]

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How to Get Your Kids to Write Over the Summer

On the first day of summer school several years ago, my thoroughly depressed son and I got in the car only to find the battery was dead. The resulting display of end-zone style cheering that came from the backseat made me rethink summer school.  Since then I’ve taken it upon myself to get our sons, […]

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DIY Lipstick Freezer Pop Holders

This weekend is my nephew’s 5th birthday. He’s my brother’s son, and my brother is a huge Star Wars fan. So when I saw this Light Sabre freezer pop craft from Be Different Act Normal, I knew I had to make them. Are they not just totally adorable? This got me thinking however that there […]

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