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Recipe: Highbrow Pineapple Jell-O Salad

My seven year-old said to me, “guess my favorite salad.” His answer, “Jell-O salad.” It struck me as funny because the combination of Jell-O, fruit and whipped cream is the furthest thing from one’s perception of salad.On the subject of one’s perception of different foods, I’d say the general consensus for Jell-O’s reputation is not […]

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DIY Decorating: Braided Easter Chick Craft

Each year I like to add one or two new holiday decorations, and this Easter I’m adding chicks! You may remember last Easter I made braided Easter eggs using recycled water bottles and fabric scraps. I still love that one! For the braided Easter egg project I actually sewed clean edges on my strips of […]

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Guest Blogger: Washable Car Mats

It’s getting to that time of year when our cars get really dirty from wet leaves, snow and slush, yet we don’t have the nice weather to do a full interior clean. Guest blogger, Jeanette Ballou has solved that problem for us by swapping out traditional rubber car mats with rubber backed bathroom mats.   […]

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Eve of Reduction

Functional Art: The Umbrella Stand

Best gift idea ever! I recently came to admit that I am obsessed with functional art. My practical side and artistic whimsy seem to always come together right there where function meets beauty. One particular aspect of functional art that I’m attracted to is umbrella vases. I could go on for paragraphs on how they’re […]

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