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Upcycled Egg Cups

  Decorating Easter eggs has always been a big part of our holiday celebration. Growing up my mom always bought the dye kits that you have to dissolve a color tablet in vinegar. To this day I can only associate the smell of vinegar with Easter eggs. Later in life I learned how to blow […]

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Upcycled Graduation Time Capsule

Is anyone in your family graduating this school year? Have you thought about making a time capsule? Time capsules are fun to make – especially out of recycled Pringles cans. I had planned on making this craft a month ago but accidentally recycled my Pringles can. So I had to ask my husband to pick up […]

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Balero Kid’s Craft for Cinco de Mayo

I was searching Pinterest for some Cinco de Mayo inspiration and was surprised to see there were no cup and ball crafts. So I had to create one! This fun kid’s game is called Balero in Mexico where it originated in the sixteenth century. It can easily be made with household items.  Supplies: Pencil Recycled Keurig cup […]

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Mother’s Day Quote and Free Printable

Every Mother’s Day I get several handmade items from my kids that either make me cry or make me laugh hysterically. They are truly the greatest gifts – and I’ve kept them all. But what happens when we grow up and become less adorable? We resort to free printables, right? Especially if they take us […]

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DIY Earth Day Party Ideas

Earth Day 2014 is right around the corner, and on some people’s calendars it’s all year round! Even though Earth Day officially became a holiday in the early 70’s, it’s now the 3rd most celebrated day in schools. I find that totally exciting! Therefore, throughout the month I’m going to be featuring Earth Day related […]

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Upcycle an Off-Duty Kid’s Umbrella

  I found this kid’s umbrella in a garbage can while walking through a local high school. I thought for sure it was broken, but it isn’t. Even if it was, I’d still be able to upcycle it into a pretty hanging vase for my front door. Can I first gush about how the colors […]

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