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Guest bloggers who exhibit the Reduction Rebel principles of financial conservatism, creativity and continuous self improvement

Sustainable Business and Green Companies

Last week an interesting meme post scrolled through my view on Facebook. It contained a the stat: 30% of entrepreneurs suffer from depression. I am honestly surprised it’s not more. When I published my first book, a friend congratulated me and then added, “I can’t believe you’re putting yourself out there. Very brave.” This was the […]

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Recycling Plastic and Waste Management Trends

Hi Reduction Rebels! Today I have a guest post from Erich Lawson with some interesting ideas for reducing plastic pollution.  The consequences of excessive waste generation have started showing, with different areas losing their soil potential. Rivers, seas, and oceans are also getting contaminated with the amount of waste being dumped into these water bodies. […]

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Sandpaper – Grits, Types and Uses

Hi Reduction Rebels! I have an interesting guest post today. As you know, I don’t accept a lot of guest posts but this one happened to catch my eye. When I started out as a DIYer, I often skipped the sanding step. Was I being cheap? Maybe. But the real issue was I didn’t see […]

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DIY Earth Day Party Ideas

Earth Day 2014 is right around the corner, and on some people’s calendars it’s all year round! Even though Earth Day officially became a holiday in the early 70’s, it’s now the 3rd most celebrated day in schools. I find that totally exciting! Therefore, throughout the month I’m going to be featuring Earth Day related […]

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