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Minimize clutter in your life and schedule as you organize your home, calendar, thoughts and emotions

DIY Projects to Organize Your Car

One of my 10 New Year’s resolutions for minimizing was cleaning out the car. I thought perhaps I could be a little more helpful with this one, especially because it’s sometimes difficult to clean out your car in the winter. Well not difficult as much as undesirable. So I’ve found 5 crafty projects you can […]

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Expert Tips for Reducing, Organizing and Storing Gift Wrap

Happy Thanksgiving, Reduction Rebels! Just wondering, are you contemplating going out shopping tomorrow? I thought about doing a post on how to avoid Black Friday, but the people who moderately participate in Black Friday, for the most part enjoy it. I know because it’s a tradition I have with my mother. We head out around […]

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10 Strategies to Reduce Clutter like the Pros

  Clutter is one of those things that can accumulate on your kitchen table, coat closet, social calendar and emotions. And the truth is it can impede our path to doing the things we really need to do, and from having the home environment that we desire. So I reached out to top notch professionals […]

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Reduce Clutter: Organization Behind Closed Doors

Here’s the dirty little secret of my front hall: my reusable bag collection. It’s the perfect place to store them, except that every time I open the cabinet, the reusable bags cascade to the floor and I have to shove them back in while shutting the doors in one quick, coordinated motion. Today I said no more […]

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