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Minimize clutter in your life and schedule as you organize your home, calendar, thoughts and emotions

Rooms Repurposed Ebook – Now $5.99

  Hi Reduction Rebels! It’s been almost a year since I launched my ebook, “Rooms Repurposed: A Purposeful Home, A Purposeful Life.” With the new year at our doorstep, it’s a perfect time to rethink your space – what’s working, what can work better. And now I’ve knocked the price down to $5.99 until February 1st 2015! […]

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9 Steps to Cleaning House After The Holidays

Holidays have always been a source of excitement, relaxed atmosphere, good times with the family and relatives who, if it wasn’t a holiday, you may not have had the chance to see. Unfortunately after the happy and care-free times come to an end, you have to go back to the normal daily routine and now you […]

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How to Make a DIY Soft Basket

My son and I keep our sunglasses on a shelf in the garage for easy access on the way out the door. This seemed like a reasonable plan until occasionally we’d put our glasses on the wooden shelf with the lenses facing down. Before you cringe, I’ll divulge that the glasses were free from my […]

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DIY Washi Tape Greeting Cards

Does anyone else hate spending money on greeting cards? And how do you feel about getting a card with a heart-felt message from a Hallmark employee? Then you’re up for a simple way to make your own cards! Years ago I spent $10 at Target for some blank, pastel postcards with matching envelopes. And when […]

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DIY Repurposed Clock Ideas

This should help us all remember Daylight Savings this weekend: really clever DIY clock projects from around the web. Some people think that having a clock in view causes stress. I feel the opposite. Knowing the time helps me stay organized, punctual and balanced. I’m a big fan of clocks! And here are some interesting […]

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Organizing is Sexy + Free Printable

Ladies and gents, we are days away from Valentine’s Day and I’m thinking outside the heart-shaped chocolate box. Like way out. Like beyond all sweets, jewelry and love letters. I’m talking about getting organized. An organized home relieves stress, helps clean the air (reduces dust) and energizes. Doesn’t that all sound like the key to […]

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