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How to Make a DIY Stress Ball

In my son’s early elementary school years, I noticed he approached his homework with a pencil in his right hand and an eraser clutched in his left. The odd part was he never put the eraser down. He gripped it, rubbed it, even rolled it in his hand methodically like Play-doh. It didn’t take long […]

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How to Repurpose a Birdhouse

Last month I was at my cousin’s bridal shower. There were two tables filled will amazing gift baskets. Side note: my mother goes to tons of events and typically wins 1-3 gift baskets at each event. Do you know anyone else who is this lucky? I, personally do not. So, most of the glorious gift […]

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5 Sustainable Cork Crafts You’ll Love

Yes, I’m on a cork kick for a couple reasons. One being sustainability. This is interesting. Cork is considered a sustainable resource because it’s both biodegradable and renewable.  Cork comes from the cork oak tree (Quercus Suber), but instead of needing to cut down the tree to source the benefit of the raw material as is […]

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