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healthy halloween recipes

Healthy Halloween Alternatives

Over the course of last weekend I consumed 2 brownies, a cupcake and apple crisp a la mode. The consequence of sugar overload led to a sabotaged immune system and a very sick ME. In the same span of time my husband has been trying out the paleo diet. He has lost weight, isn’t sick and […]

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How to Fix Hair Dye Gone Wrong

Last week I was feeling a little crazy and decided to dye my hair red. Not just regular red but I thought I wanted my hair to be a little darker than my normal dirty blonde color. What happened was, I chose a red hair dye that turned out to be burgundy. Unfortunately, Sharon Osbourne […]

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How I Blogged my Way to Toned Abs

I am a mom of two boys. And even though I tried to stay fit during and after my pregnancies, something happened during my second pregnancy that made it almost impossible to do sit-ups. The muscles in my upper left abdomen would cramp up like a Charlie-horse. I’m not kidding. I would do a few […]

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DIY Lipstick Freezer Pop Holders

This weekend is my nephew’s 5th birthday. He’s my brother’s son, and my brother is a huge Star Wars fan. So when I saw this Light Sabre freezer pop craft from Be Different Act Normal, I knew I had to make them. Are they not just totally adorable? This got me thinking however that there […]

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How to Make a DIY Stress Ball

In my son’s early elementary school years, I noticed he approached his homework with a pencil in his right hand and an eraser clutched in his left. The odd part was he never put the eraser down. He gripped it, rubbed it, even rolled it in his hand methodically like Play-doh. It didn’t take long […]

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