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A Day in the Life of Baking Soda

In our house we buy club packs of baking soda. Why? Well, two-fold: 1. we use it all the time; 2. value. You can get like 10x the amount for 2x the cost of the little retail boxes. So it’s fair to say that my bag of baking soda is about equal to my sack of flour. That may not seem like it doesn’t make sense since a typical recipe will call for 2 cups of flour and a half teaspoon of baking soda. The difference is versatility. I only use flour as food. But baking soda I use for what seems like everything.
Imagine this day in the life of my baking soda:

1. I get up and brush my teeth with it (not really, but I have before, when we have run out of toothpaste)

2. I come downstairs and make buttermilk pancakes. In goes 1 teaspoon.

3. My kids like hard boiled eggs so I add a teaspoon to the boiling water to make it easier to peel the egg shell.

4. I venture down to the laundry and add 1/4 cup to my wash cycle.

5. While I’m in cleaning mode, I scrub my sinks – sprinkle baking soda and shake on a little lemon juice.

6. Kids are now bored. Make modeling clay by mixing baking soda, water and cornstarch.

7. While they’re creating clay sculptures, I’ll do some flower arranging. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the vase water to keep cut flowers fresh longer.

8 & 9. Lunch time. Grab some veggies from the garden. Did you know, baking soda makes my tomatoes sweeter and it also keeps the rabbits from eating my garden vegetables?

10, & 11. Baking soda in my appliances. I’ve got it in my frig absorbing odors, and also tossed some into my dishwasher for extra clean dishes.

12. Meanwhile baking soda is working around the house to keep ants out.

13. Now let’s say we have spaghetti sauce for dinner and I drag my ring through it. No worries, I can polish it with a baking soda paste. Add stainless steel and chrome to the polishing list.

14. Go as far as imagining me toasting the Parmesan cheese in the oven and it starts on fire. I can extinguish the kitchen fire with baking soda.

15. And don’t worry about heartburn from red sauce, a little water and baking soda will take care of it.

16. Geez, it’s been quite a day of cleaning, polishing, gardening, sculpting and fire fighting – I need a bath. I’ll add baking soda of course!

17. The day hasn’t quite ended. I still need to add baking soda to the kid’s vaporizer to help them breath easier.

Baking soda is useful right down to improving our breathing.
What other uses have you found for baking soda?
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