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6 Ways to Recycle and Reuse in the Garden

Nothing like having farm-to-table all on the same property – your property! That in itself is a reduction score. But we can always take things further.

How to Reuse and Recycle in the Garden

1. Wash out your recyclable plastic containers to use for your starter plants. As pictured above, I use yogurt cups. I also like containers that have snap lids that recycle water through evaporation/condensation.

2. Reuse your disposable coffee cups as watering cans. Also in the above picture is a coffee cup I got from the dentists office. I’ve been using it ever since to water my starter plants. It’s so much easier than getting out the hose or a full size watering can.

3. Reuse chopsticks to hold chicken wire in place. I have a long wire fence that I unroll every spring to protect my strawberry patch. I use wooden chopsticks, angle them through the bottom opening and into the soil to stabilize the fence.
Here’s this year’s strawberry harvest…so far…

4. Upcycle your coffee grounds as fertilizer. Just shake your used grounds into the soil around your plants.

5. Fill large pots with empty, plastic containers. Your annuals only need about 6″ of soil. So if you’re planting in large pots, fill most of the pot with things like empty milk jugs and spinach bins. Not only do you save on soil, your pot will be a heck of a lot lighter.

6. Remember to save your seeds from this year’s crop to use to grow next year’s plants. This way, you won’t keep buying new seeds. It’s the circle of life, baby!

vertical garden in the city

How do you recycle in your garden?

I’m Cristin Frank (AKA Eve). I love all things frugal and crafty. My mindset is always on upcycling, repurposing, reducing waste and saving money – and Eve of Reduction is my roadmap. You might also want to check out my book, "Living Simple, Free & Happy."

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2 Responses to 6 Ways to Recycle and Reuse in the Garden

  1. E June 2, 2012 at 3:37 am #

    Awesome ideas, didn’t know that about the new recycling company, I really like the coffee grounds idea


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