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4 Steps to a Highly Effective Vision Board

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The last couple nights I’ve sat in bed flipping through magazines to find the muses of my vision board. My son has sat with me, creating his own vision board and exhaling such comments as, “this is so relaxing” and “I love this; it’s so much fun.” I agree. It’s a great feeling to seek out images that show your likes and desires. 
If you have thought about creating a vision board, here are 4 steps to help you start. If you’re first wondering where to get a bunch of different magazines, ask your doctor, dentist or hair stylists. They get free magazines every month. Ask if you can use them and recycle them when you’re done. 
1. Feature images that stir a positive emotion. You want to feel happy, just like you laugh when you watch a funny movie. When you see an image of friendship, love and laughter, you experience that emotion. This feeling gets inside you and with repeat doses of that image it seeps into your subconscious.
2. Use pictures that show the end result. If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t show someone on a treadmill, instead show someone with your ideal body shape.
3. Place your vision board somewhere where you’ll be able to spend time looking at it. Let those pictures start in your mind the movie of your new life. I can see my board from my bed, therefore when I’m relaxed, I can go on mind journeys.
4. Create multiple boards. One board is not the catch-all for everything you desire. Dig deep into everything you want for your life.
 At the very least this is a fun and relaxing process. At best, it can be truly life changing.

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