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365 Days of Fabric Yo Yos

365 day projects making a fabric yo yo every day that fits the mood or the events of my day. #365projects

Like everyone who watched Julie and Julia, I too wanted to commit to creating something each day that was tied to a central theme. Could I think of something to save my life? No.

Well, yes, but I knew it would eventually consume me.

Then last week I was in Joann’s (the craft store), excited to use my 50% coupon for a new project I’ve been putting off for about a month. See, there is a bit of procrastinator in me! In line in front of me was a woman buying a bunch of yarn in widely different colors. The cashier asked what she was making. I’m sure he was expecting a quick answer like a baby blanket or ugly, obnoxious sweater. Her answer – the abridged version – a 365 knitted blanket where each day’s knitted square is color-coded to the day’s temperature.

I, of course, thought that was totally brilliant, which then had her pulling up Pinterest and color / temperature charts – because this is already a “thing.” Many people make knitted scarves based on the temperature of the day – 2 knitted rows per pay.

Ideas for 365 Day Projects

I walked out of the store with this woman, still talking about year-long, daily craft projects. Soon after, I read an article about the woman who made a miniature chair everyday. In the article it said how she loved the first month then began loosing sleep over what chair she’d make the next day.

This would totally be me. Except there’d be a pile of craft fails in the corner and alcohol involved. So when I finally struck on an idea I got behind, there were a few parameters I though you all might consider.

1. Find something that doesn’t take long to do.

Now, there are a few things I do every day, like shower, make my bed and hug my kids. And although I am creative probably everyday, I’m not creative in the same way.

But, I channeled an old habit that I had to get myself to commit. I used to go on our elliptical machine for 6 minutes every day (until we sold it). My friend laughed when I told her the 6 minutes part. I told her, “if I went on it any longer I wouldn’t go on it at all.”

It takes about 6 minutes to make a fabric yo yo.

Find something you can do consistently in about 6 minutes.

2. Consider a desirable end result

I personally would not want 365 framed cross stitch projects, even though secretly I might actually. Little cross stitch projects was one of my first 365 project ideas. Others included photos of fruit – but really, who cares. Haiku poems were another idea. Would I ever go back and read them? Maybe, but mostly it would be clutter.

Pick something that you want to have.

My fabric yo yos are being sewn in a spiral to make a round bed cover.

My kids are making rubber band balls. My younger son said his is the size of a “cashew.” Well, yes, it’s the first week of January. He’s totally excited to have a big ball of rubber bands.

3. Let the creativity come naturally

fabric yo yo projects

Every day is different so let your day inspire your creation. I love how the temperature colors will tell the story of the year in that woman’s knitted blanket. I hope to find a unique piece of fabric that correlates to my days. 365 unique fabric prints – I can’t wait to see that!

So far I have one week done, which looks like a coaster, I guess. I started with a yo yo in my favorite color for the center. Next was a fabric that reminded me of snow because we’d gotten our first snowfall that day. Then the John Deere fabric because I had so much fun with my boys. Next was the minimal turquoise fabric because I was feeling a little lonely, but hopeful. The brown leaf fabric I chose on the day that I installed plastic over the windows for better insulation in my son’s room. I was feeling eco-friendly although huge sheets of plastic seem not so eco friendly.  Yesterday I did the blue and white pattern because I had a tedious, repetitive day. Today I made the yo yo in the picture above because I caught up on a craft project – the one that I went to Joann’s for last week. We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

10 Ideas for 365 Projects

  1.  365 days of Zentangles
  2. 365 days of Photos of your favorite color, the sunset, your kids
  3. 365 days of Things thrown away – declutter
  4. 365 days of Paper Airplanes
  5. 365 days of handwritten letters
  6. 365 days of Nail Art
  7. 365 days of Centerpieces
  8. 365 days of To-Do lists
  9. 365 days of Coffee Add-Ins (could get interesting)
  10. 365 days of Upcycling!!

Have you committed to 365 projects? If so tell us about it in the comment section!

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2 Responses to 365 Days of Fabric Yo Yos

  1. Lucy Schmidt January 10, 2016 at 12:59 am #

    What a great idea! I’ll have to check Pinterest and see what others have come up with. I didn’t know it was a “thing.” I like the scarf Meg made. I think you chose wisely. I don’t commit to much, but do make sure I call my elderly mother everyday. That can get creative itself at times. 😉 Looking forward to seeing your progress. I tried to commit to keeping up on emails and blogs, but have a hard time sustaining that each day. Tell your son I like his idea, too. I could probably do that one. Couldn’t do the coffee one as I only like it black. Good list to get my brain working, BTW.

    • Eve January 10, 2016 at 10:12 am #

      Lucy, calling your elderly mom everyday is an awesome commitment! Yes, I too am curious about more 365 project ideas! All my best to you in 2016.

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