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14 Ways To Reduce Debt, Waste & Consumption


I’m feeling a back-to-basics moment coming on. What am I saying? It’s full on. Perhaps it’s because I spent the day eating crepes and drinking coffee, that I feel unaccomplished. Anyway, I had a little Reduction Rebel brainstorm and just wanted to throw out some more ideas on reducing the stuff that clutters homes and drains energy.

Feel free to consider this list a friendly reminder, a rant or a check list. As always, your choice.

  1. Get your news on-line – save the energy and resources of printing, delivering and recycling.
  2. Send electronic invitations. It gets everyone excited about an event. Guest can even see who is coming a head of time.
  3. Wrap gifts in gifts – instead of shiny paper and ribbed bows, wrap a gift in a tablecloth, towel or drawer liner material. Think of something that can be reused effortlessly.
  4. Instead of a big heavy gift, purchase a gift card – save on shipping, wrapping, lugging and potential duplicate gift.
  5. Make a pot pie with your leftover’s. This will keep from finishing off the food with needless extra portions and can take the dinner burden off the next day.
  6. Grow your own organic garden. You’ll have fresh veggies and fruit on tap all summer, and often into fall.
  7. Keep an herb box in your kitchen to add fresh flavor to otherwise boring meals. I recommend taste-testing different herbs first, that way you can grow only your favorites.
  8. Teach your kids to try new foods, that way you make one meal for the whole family.
  9. Limit eating to the kitchen and dining room, therefore eliminating cup rings and stains on the furniture. Save the scrubbing, refinishing and replacing of your furniture.
  10. Frame and hang amateur art. It builds confidence and makes a nice conversation piece.
  11. Make your own coffee, drink it in your favorite mug in your favorite spot in your house. The abundance of coffee shops makes it too easy to drive out and pick up a cup for an upwards of $5, with calorie intake in the high triple digits. Save gas, paper and calories for the everyday cup. Patronize the coffee shop on special or social occasions.
  12. Try on clothes before you buy. The lights in dressing room expose every flaw, allowing for a brutally honest assessment on the spot. On the flip side, you’ll know what looks great on you – not mediocre or acceptable, but what really gets you excited. Then buy.
  13. Don’t rent extra bells and whistles for a party. Bounce houses and chocolate fountains separate party guest. Instead, invite just enough people for a kickball game or a trivia contest. This will keep conversation tight and everyone engaged.
  14. Keep a Journal. It’s a keepsake and therapy all in one.

Additions are welcome!

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5 Responses to 14 Ways To Reduce Debt, Waste & Consumption

  1. Andrea Draney April 6, 2014 at 3:15 pm #

    Instead of tossing vegetable peels into the trash, take them outside to a future garden area, mix into the soil, and in a short amount of time you will have nice rich loam for your planting.

  2. Bmore Bungalow April 8, 2014 at 8:38 pm #

    Great list. I love the suggestion to make pot pie with leftovers.


  3. Mo' Money Mo' Houses April 10, 2014 at 9:46 pm #

    Great list! I always read my news online or on my phone.


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